August to be continued….


It’s natural to have mixed feelings on reviewing the graph for August. It does appear that we will be down slightly on the total number of new enquiries for July 2018 and well down on new enquiries received for August 2017.  That’s the bad news – the good news is that the number of new enquiries is still very healthy, and this is all despite the leadership rumblings in Canberra and a dip in consumer confidence for August.

History shows us that turmoil at State or Federal parliament impacts the volume of new enquiries for business sales.  Regardless of who you wish to be prime minister, we were pleased to hear that the Liberals have had their vote and for now, all appears sorted.

If you have a look at the Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence Poll ( you will note that we had very high levels in July, which correlates with our stats.  As August drops away, it is very possible that the leadership rumblings in Canberra is a direct result of the drop in consumer confidence.