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Successful Muffin Break Kiosk (SE Melb Shopping Centre) MUF2913

Price $265,000
Stock (estimate) $ 5000

Current weekly sales exceed $9025.00. Netting an owner/operator $90,000, with a newly signed lease and further 4.5years this is a sure fire win.

Muffin Break as a concept originated in Canada. Foodco acquired rights to this concept and refined it for contemporary conditions. The first Muffin Break store opened in Coolangatta in 1989 and has grown significantly ever since. There are now over 180 Muffin Break outlets in Australia.

Muffin Break sells coffee and baked products using natural ingredients without preservatives, these are prepared and baked on the premises to ensure they are always fresh. Muffin Break has developed almost 200 recipes over the last decade, ranging from blueberry muffins to calorie reduced high fibre muffins and recently a selection of Weight Watchers and Gluten Free muffins. Muffin Break also has a wide range of cookies and cakes to complement the muffin range. Breakfast, wraps, sandwiches, soups, and other savoury items may also be offered at Muffin Break stores.

2010 saw the launch of the ‘Breakfast’ range with freshly baked banana bread, raisin toast, a range of croissants and melted toasties; ‘Cafe Blendz’ of cold beverages with six flavours available – Mint Choc Chip, Iced Chocolate, Raspberry White Chocolate, Mocha, Caramel Latte and Iced Coffee; and ‘Baked to Go’ range.
Opened in 2011 as part of the new cente, this kiosk has been hitting the mark since the start.  This store has a roomy feel and is astutely situated right in the middle of the centre – with  a set path which customers have to follow a’la IKEA.  This brings shopper right past this Muffin Store every. Single. Time they visit.

Comprehensive financials are available upon completion of a Confidentiality Deed, or phone enquiries direct to Simon Young on 0425 662 878.