April Jumps

Now that the school holidays are over, we have seen a great start in new enquiries for April 2018.  As at 17th of April, we are just short of the total number of enquiries received for April 2017.  We also hold hope that, given the Anzac public holiday falls on a Wednesday, less people are likely to be going away and therefore catching up on important personal/professional duties, which may or... more

Marching Slows

Unfortunately, for the final week of March, we had received lower numbers in new enquiries than expected.  Although there are two more days left for March (taken on 29th), final numbers will be slightly down compared to the same month in 2017.  With the school holidays upon us, we do believe that April will start a little slowly before  picking up later in the month.  The Roy Morgan consumer... more

Marching Through

We are very pleased with the performance of new enquiries for March thus far, especially given that we have already had one long weekend, and due for another next weekend.  Statistically March generally is a poor month due to the labour day long weekend and the Easter Break, although 2017 was not too bad.  What is most pleasing is that if you compare to the previous March, we have already... more

February Finishes Strong

After a disappointing start to February it is re-assuring to see that the enquiry numbers have picked up quite dramatically in the later part of the month.  We believe this is mainly a result of an increase in the number of new businesses on our books, and people settling back into their 'normal' routines. The trend is positive so we expect March to start well, however we have concerns about... more

February Building?

In terms of new enquiry numbers February is off to a slower start than we would have liked, and is well down on February of the previous year.  So far 2018 has been more challenging that we predicted which may be a result of a softening business sale market.  We still have hopes of working on building the second half of February, to stimulate more enquiry.  We also believe the lower than... more

Get ready for February

As mentioned in our previous report, the total number of new enquiries for January were down on 2017.  This is a result of having fewer businesses for sale after selling many of our businesses in the later part of 2017.  On the flip side we have listed quite a lot of new businesses this month.  Combine the number of new listings with the fact that at about this time in the new year, most... more

Happy New Year

We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year and enjoyed a good break.  We are back in action and already the amount of new leads are about to heat up.  Usually the first few weeks off January start of fairly slowly only to pick up once everyone gets back to their normal everyday routines.  It's then that we see a lot of new enquirers who want a 'change' a new business with a new way of life... more

Last Gasp for 2017

We were very pleased to see an upswing in new enquiries for the start of December.  As of the 14th of December the number of new enquries had exceeded half the total of the new enquiries for November, this is really encouraging as we look forward to 2018. Looking forward we do expect that enquiries will drop off from this week and remain low until approximately the second week of January. ... more

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