September Builds

September results thus far have been good, but not as strong as we would have liked.  Whilst it is a very good improvement on the volume of enquiries received leading up to August, we had hoped that the number of new enquiries for September would be higher. It is important to note, that the graph below only refers to 'new' prospects, ie they have not made contact with our company before. ... more

August has won the fight!

August has won the fight!
We are very pleased to see that August has come through and finished strongly after a very slow start.  We did not expect  the number of enquiries to be this strong in the final weeks, this has left August as one of the most successful months this year.  It is almost impossible to predict what has been the main causes for an upswing, however there are good arguments surrounding the fact that... more


The graphs of our enquiries taken from the 11th of May do not show a pretty picture.  Consider what has occurred in of late, with an April full of holidays and a May overtaken by Federal Budget conjecture, it is not hard to understand the poor results from the recent weeks. The positive news is that even though we are only 10 days in to May, we have already surpassed the halfway number of the... more


We were quite disappointed when we reviewed the stats for April thus far.  After such a strong start to 2017 the last few months have seen a decline in enquiries on business sales. April has been particularly disappointing given that we thought the second half will make up for the slow start to the month.  School holidays, Easter and the ANZAC long weekend certainly are not ideal conditions... more


Whilst the graph below doesn’t paint a pretty picture it is not all bad news.  By comparison to the same date in March, April’s numbers are higher.  Not to mention that school holidays and the long weekend would have had a negative impact on the number of potential business buyers making contact in regards to businesses for sale. As a result we do believe that we may experience an end... more


After a disappointing start to March numbers, it is reassuring to see that despite having a few more days left in the month that the enquiry levels for the second half of March have improved a great deal from earlier in the month.  Interestingly this is in conflict with consumer confidence levels.  Roy Morgan consumer confidence still remains at good levels however has taken a ‘dip’ in... more


As suspected February finished strongly, but just short of the total enquiries we received for January.  The positive news is that February 2017 numbers were higher than February 2016, therefore continuing an upward trend line we have experienced for the past 12 months. March needs to lift, as of the 14th of this month the enquiry rate has been low.  As usual the long weekend would have... more


In our last report we indicated that February appeared to be ‘steadying’ the ship after an explosive start to 2017.  Whilst the graph below indicates that the final numbers are presently lower than January please keep in mind these numbers were taken from COB on the 23rd, therefore we still have a few more days left for February to record.  As a result, it is likely that the total number... more

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