October Rebounds

It is pleasing to see that after a disappointing finish to September, that as of the 15th of October the total number of new enquiries for the month has rebounded to be over half the total amount received for September.  October still has some work to do if it is to get to the total volume of new enquiries experienced in July and August, which were the two high performing months for 2018.   We... more

Slow finish to September

After a promising start to September, it was disappointing to see the number of enquiries drop off in the final weeks.  It is not unreasonable to suggest that the final numbers were impacted by school holidays, long weekends and the grand final.  These numbers are based on new enquiries only, however the general vibe around the office is that activity is up and there is action around from... more

Steady September

After August finishing with a flurry September has steadied.  We did forecast in our last report that with the ongoing circus in Canberra things would start off slowly this month.  The graph indicates that our prediction was correct, given that the total enquiries received for September so far,  is less than half the total enquiries received for July and August. Despite this the general... more

August Finished not with Trend

We thought the leadership spill would resolve quickly.  The saga dragged on and has certainly had an effect.  Looking at the trends in the consumer confidence you will see that it has taken a hit after already been at slightly reduced levels.  Click here to see consumer confidence levels. The good news is that August finished with a flurry of new enquires to equal the results of July 2018 (the... more

August to be continued….

It’s natural to have mixed feelings on reviewing the graph for August. It does appear that we will be down slightly on the total number of new enquiries for July 2018 and well down on new enquiries received for August 2017.  That’s the bad news - the good news is that the number of new enquiries is still very healthy, and this is all despite the leadership rumblings in Canberra and a dip in... more

Keep the momentum going.

Don’t be too disheartened by the drop in the graph towards August.  The statistics for the graph were taken on the 6th of August, so there are plenty of days left to build August and keep the momentum going.  There are a number of pleasing things about the stats of new business enquiries received for July 2018.  Firstly, July 2018 was well ahead of the total number of new enquiries received... more

July finishing strong

After the usual slow start to the new financial year, it is always pleasing to see July finish strong.  The stats from the graph below were taken on the 23rd of the month so even with a week to go, we have already exceeded the total number of enquiries compared to the month of July in 2017.  As a result, we do expect the final numbers for this month to exceed June which is great for momentum... more

Always slow July

Whilst new enquiries for June did pick up towards the end of the month we fell just short of the total new enquiries for June 2017.  However July has brought us some better news. As expected July has started slowly and we do still expect this to pick up towards the end of the month as we move away from the end of financial year period.  The good news is that these stats were taken on the 9th... more

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